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Paddy Jordan (Devon, UK) 
30 days transformation:
(9lbs / 4.08KG lost)

Paddy Jordan 1 month transformation.JPG

John (Liverpool, UK) 
3 months progress update e-mail:
(42lbs / 19.05KG lost)

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From the Hypno-Fasting Facebook Group:


Ollie (Norfolk, UK) 
5 days transformation:

Ollie 5 day transformation.jpg

From the Hypno-Fasting Facebook Group:


Kate (London, UK)
20 month transformation:
(51KG/112lbs/8 stone lost)

Kate Transformation 2.jpg

From the Hypno-Fasting Facebook Group:

Ryan Derry.jpg

2 weeks transformation:

Rory Fulcher 2 week transformation.jpg

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