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Get ready to become a fat-burning machine

Hypno-Fasting is a great new way to lose weight fast (and keep it off)! Combining two, tried-and-tested, highly effective weight loss approaches, Hypno-Fasting is designed to be almost as simple as it is effective. By combining 'intermittent fasting' with powerful psychological tricks and techniques, this means as well as learning how to fast, you will also learn how to work on your weight-loss 'mind game', helping you to become more effective and motivated.

Unlike other “diets” that are a constant struggle, Hypno-Fasting is easy to understand and stick to! With three simple fasting plans to choose from, anybody can pick up this book and get started immediately. Using this method, you will also learn to increase your willpower and to develop beyond that old “yo-yo diet” mentality (which is both unhelpful and unhealthy). So, whatever your sex, age or size, Hypno-Fasting will help you to easily reach your healthy fat-loss goals and help you to feel better about your relationship with food, permanently.



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